F.R.O.G. it…

June 17, 2008

F.R.O.G. it - what’s that?…

Everyone has a story to tell. There isn’t a person on this earth without a story of his or her own.  What makes mine unique? It is the invaluable wealth of knowledge and insight into God’s heart and mind that my family received during our cancer journey.  To know our story – you’ll learn some from this web site, but ultimately you’ll have to read the book “The Tear Catcher”God’s Hand In Your Heartache to understand the whole story.

Having said that – “everyone has a story to tell” and I’d like to share some of my “f.r.o.g. moments” with you.  In return, you can share your own f.r.o.g. (Fully Rely On God) moments that you’ve encountered and have been blessed with.  That way, others can ultimately be blessed by your stories too.  By doing so, you’ll give true life behind …the “frog that hops around, keep on ‘a hoppin’ around.”

Enjoy the fun and always remember to “F.r.o.g. It!”

Love & Angel Kisses,


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The f.r.o.g. BLOG came into being because of the desire to share the "God sightings" in our journey. By sharing our story, others commented on how they were encouraged and found hope. The f.r.o.g. BLOG's purpose is for you to be able to share a time when you had to "f.r.o.g. it". Share your story to inspire and touch others.