Joy in His Presence

November 20, 2008

# 8

Joy in the Journey


                The presence of the Lord has never ceased to amaze me.  From the very day Bruce drove to the school to tell me about the phone call he received from the doctor, it was clear to us that God was surrounding us in every way possible.  He had orchestrated it all. 

                When Bruce received the phone call that changed his life he was at home.  He hadn’t planned to be, but plans changed and he was able to go home for lunch.  Later, I shouldn’t have been in my office when Bruce came to tell me “the news”.  Actually, we both had prior plans to take our secretaries out for secretary’s day.  That, my friends, was all God ordained.  After Bruce had told me the terrible news, I needed to take care of a few items at school in order to leave for home with Bruce.  I hated to leave Bruce in my office alone so I told him he should call his good friend. 

                Bruce dialed up his friend Paul only to find out that Paul was standing outside my office door to go on a field trip with his daughter Hannah.  I, in return, went upstairs to tell my secretary I needed to leave and the news we just received.  Looking up I saw my good friend Laurie appear and I pulled her into the empty first grade classroom to pour my heart out to her.  Before I could even think of my children, Laurie did.  She took our children (9 and 12) after school so we could have some time alone.  

                I remember thinking that Laurie and Paul seemed to have fallen right out of the sky at the very moment we needed them most.  What were the chances of Paul & Laurie being at the school, in the exact places they were and available to us at the very moment we needed them?   There was no coincidence in these circumstances. I’ve learned with God there are only “God-incidences”.  If we couldn’t see God’s hand in our heartache by now, then we were spiritually blind.

                Where is God in your circumstances?  Do you have the eyes to see his presence in every visual and unseen way?  Do you count it pure joy when you see those glimpses of God in your situation?


Heavenly Father:

Thank you for caring about the smallest of details in all my circumstances.  Thank you for revealing yourself to me when I need to know you are there and assuring me that I don’t need to walk this journey alone.  Amen


You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.

                              Acts 2:28 


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